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Those who have suffered the betrayal of sexual abuse are like a fragile flower. We are like ships that have been tossed about by one storm after another in life! We are bound as prisoners to our past until we are willing to courageously work through the pain and embrace it. We will then realize there is hope for the hopeless to move out of the storm into a boat with a lifeline to God who heals! This book, like my life is a miracle. Having personally walked through the darkness of sexual abuse, infertility, pornography, post partum depression, and marriage betrayal into the recovery of God's love, forgiveness and grace, I am now able to bring an emotional realistic contribution and sense of reality to others, giving them hope!

Barbara Joy Hansen - Email:

Member of RAINN (Rape And Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau

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Most Recent Event

LeTourneau University:
April 14 & 15 2015 - Longview, Texas. Barbara shared her story with Psychology students and Assistant Professor Eric David Arguello MA MEd PsyD.

October 16-17, 2003 - Longview, Texas, Testimony-Women's Residents Human Growth & Development Psychology Class, Faculty & Staff & Bookstore book signing/individual counselling.

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Book Is $20.00 Plus $5.00 S&H which includes tracking

Book Recap: 
Victims of abuse often conceal their pain as they carry their scars. Chained as prisoners of their past, many hide in secrecy, afraid of the consequences of revealing the horrors of childhood experiences. On the surface they may seem carefree and happy, yet inside, a festering wound exists. The only road to freedom from this prison requires confronting the past and revealing its pain in the light of God's love.  

Interview No. 1

The Prison Show LIVE - Producer David Collingsworth - 90.1 FM KPFT Houston, Texas

Interview No. 2

God Answers Prayer KCHF TV Show
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