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These Are Current And Upcoming Events.

NEWS WIRE MAGAZINE 96' X 96' Billboard Times Square, New York 03/04/24 - Indefinate


Barbara J. Hansen – Listen to The Cry of the Child: The Deafening Silence of S.A.


ON THE TALK WITH TANYA - YouTube Interview with Barbara Joy Hansen Sunday, January 28, 2024    4-5 p.m.

On The Town With Tanya - Spotify Interview with Barbara Joy Hansen Sunday,  January 28, 2024    4-5 p.m.

Jiggy Jaguar Skype Show 11/14/23 at 4:00 PM with Host James Lowe & Co-Host Roger Homefield

News Wire Magazine - Denver, Colorado. Interview with Editor M. Curtis McCoy - 10/27/2023

Lets Talk Radio Show 860AM Great Barrington, Mass.
Interview with Podcast Host Ron Carson

Part One - Link To Be Provided Soon

Part Two - Link To Be Provided Soon

Healing Hearts Redeemed LIVE International Webinar

What has God Almighty redeemed or is redeeming in your life with Barbara Joy Hansen's
Redemption Testimony Live on Facebook, 3-23-23 at 11am EST

Check Your Game Life Story with Gary Rogers

Voices Heard - Fall 2021 issue of Empowered voice Traveling Exhibit/Voices Heard eZine Magazine
Click Link Fall 2021 & look for Barbara holding her teddy bear to read her inspiring testimony.

Upton Community TV on "Be My Guest!" Friday, November 5th, 2021 at 3pm with Host Jan Lewis

Facebook LIVE Building Resilience interview Wed., Nov. 17, 2021 at 2pm. with Claire O'Leary
Barbara will chat about her experience in healing from her abuse and what she is doing today as an advocate
supporting victims in the court room, online & with Beauty Out of Ashes Support Group.

SURVIVOR'S AGAINST VIOLENCE - With Eileen Dong, Host Of The Ms. Texas Show
Premier to be released 8/11/2021 with the Ms Texas Show. Barbara is a New England Ambassador for Eileen Dong.

Barbara shares her Power Point Presentation"Teen's & Dating Violence: Why Am I So Messed Up?" on the Ms Texas Show with Eileen Dong.


Teens & their parents will get many answers, awareness & be educated by hearing her story & how to prevent teen dating & domestic violence! 
Please Tune in! #TheMsTexasShow #EileenDongOfficial #MsTexas


Host Dr. Gregory Williams, who is an Incest Survivor & Pastor - Sunday April 11, 2021 9-10pm
Interview with Guest: Barbara Joy Hansen
Heard Around the World

SAFE KIDS NOW SHOW with Stephanie Mann.

BRAND NEW BEST INTERVIEW June 16, 2021 with Guest Barbara Joy Hansen
International Award Winning Author shares her riviting painful journey out of darkness into a
passionate calling & purpose with Host Stephanie Mann Crime Prevention Author Consultant
on AAU Global Media Show! PLEASE WATCH & SHARE to help us empower parents & their
children, grandchildren & teachers to be aware & protect our innocent!

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant

2021: PROPOSAL TO THE MEDIA on Behalf of Children
Stephanie L. Mann, Crime & Violence Prevention Consultant empowers
children to keep them safe. Guest: Barbara Joy Hansen, NAASCA Stop Child
Abuse NOW Talk Show Co-Host, and International Author/Speaker/Activist.
Listen to the interview at


Host Dr. Lena Clark PhD. & Bishop Dr. Larry Carnes PhD. - Monday April 12, 2021,  8 to 9 PM
With Special Guest Barbara Joy Hansen. They led me through making sure that my mask was truly
off, and that I am free with a calling & anointing & appointing to set other captives free!
God has given me a wonderful deliverance ministry with those Jesus calls "the least of these" those the world calls
outcasts, the underdog including bikers, alcoholics, addicts & prostitutes who Barbara ministers to as well.

Barbara Joy Hansen with Dr. Lena G. Clark Ph.D, are proactively helping other's lift the stigma & shame
of mental illness, domestic violence & sexual assault off survivor's everywhere!


With Host James Lowe - Thursday April 8, 2021, 2 to 3 PM
Guest: Barbara Joy Hansen shares how she overcame her tragic crime of clergy sexual assault at a camp
with a 27 year old youth pastor when she was age 11-12.  - -


Podcast with Host Maryann Petri
April 3, 2021 at 6:45-8pm  CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE with Barbara Joy Hansen

The Ms Texas Show with Eileen Dong

Eileen Dong's interview with Barbara "I Have Guardian Angel's"
PREMIERS on May 5, 2021
#HopePyxGlobal #TheMsTexasShow #EileenDongOfficial #MsTexas

SURVIVOR'S AGAINST VIOLENCE - New England Ambassador, Barbara Joy Hansen
Webinar Premier to be released 8/11/2021 with the Ms Texas Show.

Barbara shares her Power Point Presentation"Teen's & Dating Violence: Why Am I So Messed Up?" on the Ms Texas Show with Eileen Dong.  Teens & their parents will get many answers, awareness & be educated by hearing her story & how to prevent
teen dating & domestic violence!
Please Tune in! #TheMsTexasShow #EileenDongOfficial #MsTexas


Interview with Hosts Melisa & Nate - Saturday April 10, 2021
Guest: Barbara Joy Hansen talks about the junkies & drug dealers she took in who had demons!

Safe Kids Now with Host Stephane L. Mann. Interview March 6, 2021
Please help us save our children & grandchildren from sex offenders! Many are right in our family who we don't know or don't want to know are molesting our children!
Listen to my riveting interview with Stephanie L. Mann, a Safe Kids Now Crime & Violence Prevention Consultant.
Please SHARE to save a child's life from crime:

Transitions on YouTube January 26, 2021

Host Chris Powell & CoHost Emily Eberhard interview with Barbara Joy Hansen
as she addresses problems in their marriage that God has restored!
Transitions Show - WYTV Christian Broadcasters Net

WLMRRADIO.COM with Host Lorraine Carrier

February 19th, 2021 at  2-3pm & 1-2am EST daily until Thursday February  25th.

You can hear Guest Barbara's story on IHEARTRADIO Podcasts, ITunes, Speaker, Spotify,
Google, Deezer & Podcast  Addict & Twitter @ WLMR_DB  Radio.

SAFE KIDS NOW YouTube SHOW with Stephanie Mann.

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime & Violence Prevention Consultant. And Specialist for CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC
Wednesday March 3, 2021 at 1:00pm
Interview with Guest Barbara Joy Hansen. A  Pastor's Daughter who Faces One of her Perpetrator's
with support from the Christian & Missionary Alliance Denomination.


Interview with Hosts Melisa & Nate - Saturday December 20, 2020 2:30-3:30pm
Guest: Barbara Joy Hansen STOP ~ LISTEN ~ SHARE  ~  ~ Email:

Rebecca Adkins Goulart - Facebook LIVE Zoom, Barbara Joy Hansen - Thursday, November 19, 2020

Barbara Joy Hansen was interviewed by Host Rebecca Adkins Goulart.
Incest & clergy sexual assault changed my life forever! You don't have to stay victim once you break your silence!
One out of 3 girls & one of 5 boys have experienced sexual abuse as a child. I was one of them. Nobody talked about it with me.
Nobody explained what happened to me. I had NO words to tell my mother who as a very young girl was violated as well as my
female cousins & me. Why am I talking about it now? Because I've moved from victim to survivor to courageous over-comer!
This exceptional interview may shock you into doing something about making sure this never happens to a child that you may know!
Click to listen and watch the Live Zoom interview:

Power Your Life BlogTalk Radio Show Podcast, Barbara Joy Hansen - Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Barbara Joy Hansen was interviewed by Host Dr. Jo-Anne White.
Click to listen to the podcast:

The Andrew Schatkin Show BlogTalk Radio PodCast with Guest Speaker, Barbara Joy Hansen - Friday, Sept. 3, 2020

Interactive guests views are heard & respected as we ask questions & listen.
Andrew J. Schatkin is a Business Educational Consultant Professional, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Attorney in the Syracuse Law rlellview on Criminal Proceedure.
He's an International Author writing a number of religious/philosophical books on Faith, Culture, Politics, & Philosophy which have sold to university libraries including Harvard, Yale & Un of Pennsylvania & countless countries all over the world.
Andrew resides in Bayside, NY
Click to Listen to Barbara's Interview:

Host of "Chatting With Betsy" Passionate World Talk Radio Show with Guest, Barbara Joy Hansen, Child Sexual Abuse Survivor - Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020-

Passionate World Talk Radio ~ International
Betsy resides in Iselin, N. J.
Apple, Spotify, Spreaker, Survivor Child Sexual Abuse
Click to Listen to Barbara's Interview:

Christian & Missionary Alliance - Online Web Page - Went LIVE on October 26, 2017

Hope and Healing for the Harvest by Barbara Joy Hansen. Following is the link to this page, which is where this story appears.

Alliance Life Magazine Nov/Dec. 2017

Photo of Barbara, Elvie Barner & Jonas at The Father's House Orphanage on Samal Island, Philippines cooking on their primitive stove.

The DR OZ SHOW with Author Barbara Joy Hansen

Survivor of sexual assault/harassment aired July 2017 with a panel of 20 in New York City on ABCStudio.
Dr. Robin Smith, therapist of Oprah discusses the guilt & culturebehind sexual assault.
View at

CBN Asia 700 Club    Recorded on 3/15/2017 at 7 PM    Aired on 2/27/2018

Barbara was interviewed for an hour by Rolando C. Alto IV. Bernice had a separate interview. A TV crew of 5 came to Rev. Paul & Elvie Barner's missionary home in Davao City, Philippines from Manila for interviews. Actor's portray Barbara's story at 22:21 minutes into video which is in the Filpino Cebuano language. You will see a child coloring with marbles scattered before hearing Barbara's voice in English. This is the first time Barbara has told this part of her story!
4/F Saqittarius Condo  111 H.V. dela Costa St., Sakeo Village 1227 Makati City, Philippines.

To view entire CBN Asia The 700 Club Show in the Subano language

Bernice's story, Killing me Softly, NO! GO! YELL! TELL! has been aired 2/22/2018 all over the Philippines. To hear her inspirational story Click Link below. It was aired in the Philippines, some is in the Filipino Tagalog language but listen to her inspirational story in English.

E CRONICON Addiction Journal    Wales, UK     Thursday, 01/15/2015

Addiction Commentary Manuscript, Listen to the Cry of the Child, ECAD-14-COM-001. On-line Submission.
For more information: Click Journals-Addiction-Articles in Press

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