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The Andrew Schatkin Show BlogTalk Radio PodCast with Guest Speaker, Barbara Joy Hansen - Friday, Sept. 3, 2020

Interactive guests views are heard & respected as we ask questions & listen.
Andrew J. Schatkin is a Business Educational Consultant Professional, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Attorney in the Syracuse Law rlellview on Criminal Proceedure.
He's an International Author writing a number of religious/philosophical books on Faith, Culture, Politics, & Philosophy which have sold to university libraries including Harvard, Yale & Un of Pennsylvania & countless countries all over the world.
Andrew resides in Bayside, NY
Click to Listen to Barbara's Interview:

Host of "Chatting With Betsy" Passionate World Talk Radio Show with Guest, Barbara Joy Hansen, Child Sexual Abuse Survivor - Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020-

Passionate World Talk Radio ~ International
Betsy resides in Iselin, N. J.
Apple, Spotify, Spreaker, Survivor Child Sexual Abuse
Click to Listen to Barbara's Interview:

Christian & Missionary Alliance - Online Web Page - Went LIVE on October 26, 2017

Hope and Healing for the Harvest by Barbara Joy Hansen. Following is the link to this page, which is where this story appears.

Alliance Life Magazine Nov/Dec. 2017

Photo of Barbara, Elvie Barner & Jonas at The Father's House Orphanage on Samal Island, Philippines cooking on their primitive stove.

The DR OZ SHOW with Author Barbara Joy Hansen

Survivor of sexual assault/harassment aired July 2017 with a panel of 20 in New York City on ABCStudio.
Dr. Robin Smith, therapist of Oprah discusses the guilt & culturebehind sexual assault.
View at

CBN Asia 700 Club    Recorded on 3/15/2017 at 7 PM    Aired on 2/27/2018

Barbara was interviewed for an hour by Rolando C. Alto IV. Bernice had a separate interview. A TV crew of 5 came to Rev. Paul & Elvie Barner's missionary home in Davao City, Philippines from Manila for interviews. Actor's portray Barbara's story at 22:21 minutes into video which is in the Filpino Cebuano language. You will see a child coloring with marbles scattered before hearing Barbara's voice in English. This is the first time Barbara has told this part of her story!
4/F Saqittarius Condo  111 H.V. dela Costa St., Sakeo Village 1227 Makati City, Philippines.

To view entire CBN Asia The 700 Club Show in the Subano language

Bernice's story, Killing me Softly, NO! GO! YELL! TELL! has been aired 2/22/2018 all over the Philippines. To hear her inspirational story Click Link below. It was aired in the Philippines, some is in the Filipino Tagalog language but listen to her inspirational story in English.

E CRONICON Addiction Journal    Wales, UK     Thursday, 01/15/2015

Addiction Commentary Manuscript, Listen to the Cry of the Child, ECAD-14-COM-001. On-line Submission.
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Barbara Joy Hansen    Twitter     Tuesday, 09/01/2015  

Barbara on Twitter
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Barbara Joy Hansen    Linked In     Tuesday, 09/01/2014

Barbara on Linked In
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