Listen To The Cry Of The Child

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Tapes & DVD's

Cassette Audio Tapes - Various titles: $3.50 per tape plus $1.50 S&H; DVD Video Disks - Various titles: $15 per disk plus $1.50 S&H

#1 Tape - Victim to Victorious
 Recorded to minister to a young man in prison.

#2 Tape - Crack to Christ
 Called into ministry with a drug-dealer

#3 Tape - J-Light Radio Interview
 Darkness of heroin addiction

#4 Tape - Listen to the Cry
 Breaking the Silence of Sexual Abuse testimony of a survivor, Barb Hansen

#1 DVD - Catch A Vision Program
 ComCast Cable TV Interview - 57 minutes

#2 DVD - Hear The Cries Of The Child
 Domestic Violence Conference - Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 42 minutes.

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